• Inter-row seeding with our offset hitch in a CTf system

    Steve Larocque - February 21, 2012

    This is a short video showing the accuracy of our offset hitch which allows us to inter-row seed into last years stubble. We converted to a controlled traffic farming system with a 30 ft Concord drill on 12" spacing in the spring of 2010. The original openers in 2010 were 4" paired row low draft GEN's and we have since moved to a 1.5" GEN sideband opener to give us more space in-between the stubble. We offset our hitch 3" each year starting from left of centre, then centre, then to left of centre for a total of 6" of travel side to side.

    The picture below shows the hitch pin point in year 1 (Y1), year 2 (Y2) and year 3 (Y3) where we pull from. So far, it's working excellent and moveing 3" each year reduces the width of the gss row between passes. If you move 6" one way on 12" spacing, you'll have an 18" gap on one pass and a 6" gap going the other way.


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Ben Everingham - 2014-08-15
Hi. Thanks for this post. I have been looking everywhere for a simple explanation and picture of an offset hitch design. I was wondering what the measurements are that you used in the offset? For example, to move the airseeder 3" to the left, do you have the hitch exactly 3" offset to the left? Or do you find that by moving the hitch 1" or 2" to the left equates to a 3" offset of the airseeder? My airseeder tracks slightly to the left, which I can compensate with the GPS so that it is running the right distance between the outside tynes on each pass, but just concerned that if I go to all the effort building the hitch and then find that 3" at the hitch equates to 1" or 5" for example. Also, have you made a hitch for your air cart? Thanks

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