• Is inter-row seeding your best option?

    Steve Larocque - January 17, 2012

    I’m writing this week’s newsletter from mild and humid Houston, Texas. I was invited here to speak on high yield malt barley production at the annual Stoller USA conference. I’ve had a really good conversation about growth regulators, fungicides and crop nutrition and that was within six hours of arriving! I expect more great conversations and epiphanies to come over the next couple of days.

    This issue of Beyond Agronomy News will be short and sweet. We’ll look at why inter-row seeding in 2012 may not be the best option. Say what? Read on carefully. Next, I’ll run the numbers on a two-pass strip till system including a vacuum planter in canola production. Last, I’ll provide some tips on how to maximize foliar nutrient absorption and finish with some interesting tips on fungicides. We’ll finish with technical grain market news. Have a great week. Steve

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