• The effects of growth regulators on yield

    Steve Larocque - November 22, 2011

    Hello, Winter! This past week snow covered the Prairies and temperatures plummeted. We’ve almost wrapped up soil sampling and have tweaked crop plans for next year. There’s plenty of talk about producers planting more malt barley, peas and canola with a lot less wheat due to significant uncertainty in Canadian Wheat Board politics.

    In this issue of Beyond Agronomy News, we’ll look at intensifying malt barley production and also discuss some interesting results on the effects of growth regulators on yield, test weight and protein from some malt barley trials. To keep on the theme, we’ll look at the use of PGR’s in intensive wheat production. We’ll finish with fundamental and technical grain market news. 

    See you folks at the sold out Advanced Agronomy conference in Nisku on Wednesday!
    Have a great week.


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