• The last issue of 2011

    Steve Larocque - November 28, 2011

    This is the 46th and final issue of Beyond Agronomy News for 2011. This year is another one for the record books for yields, quality and extreme weather.

    The year started off wet with many producers delayed until mid-May before seeding. The warm, moist soil made crops jump out of the ground quickly and the rains kept coming until late-June. At our farm, we had 8 inches of rain before the end of June and only 6 days in June without rain. The tap turned off in July and August with just a few showers to finish the crops. September brought two weeks of awesome temperatures (high 20's and low 30's) to finish off our late crops perfectly. In fact, most of use shut down the combines each night because we were tired, not because the straw got tough! In the end, wheat yields were pushing high 50’s and low 60’s in the east and high 60’s, mid 70’s in the west. Barley yields were all over the map due to the heavy rains early on but some managed to make malt quality barley and push over 100 bu/ac. Canola yields were just above average for most with a few mega yields pushing high 70’s but most in the 50 to 60 bu/ac range. Peas were the sleeper this year with yields in the high 50’s and 60’s.

    The biggest money makers were malt barley, peas and canola, then wheat and feed barley. The biggest disappointment was the downgrading in wheat from high levels of ergot and lower proteins from two years of above average yields. As I write this, parliament just passed the bill to end the CWB monopoly so 2012 proves to be an exciting one for all commodities.

    This week we’ll recap some of the most innovative and well received articles from 2011. We'll welcome you back January 3rd with Volume 7 of Beyond Agronomy News.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you all continued success with your family and business.

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