• Yield Across Rows - Barley Pfitzner 2009

    Steve Larocque - March 4, 2014

    This graph outlines the yields per row across 41 shanks of an air drill. Half of the air drill was running along a headland with little wheel traffic while the inside half of the drill was running on soil with increased wheel traffic. 

    See graph:

    Rows 1 - 24 (excluding the wheeled rows) averaged 2.3 t/ha and returned a Gross Margin of $132/ha.

    The wheel tracks averaged 1.77 t/ha and returned a GM of $47/ha or $87/ha less than the outside rows.

    Rows 27 - 41 (where you could assume there was a history of random traffic) averaged 1.35 t/ha or -$20/ha GM or a net loss of revenue of $152/ha compared to runs 1-24.

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